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Medication Repackaging Service


At Blessings International, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to make your mission outreaches easier and more effective. With the introduction of our Medication Repackaging Service, we believe we have done just that!


Through our partnership with Omer Medical Logistics, located in South Carolina, we have acquired state of the art repackaging equipment that was formerly utilized by OML to repackage vitamins. The equipment has already been integrated into our FDA licensed and approved production facility. We are able to offer vitamins, diabetes medicine, blood pressure medicine, and analgesics for repackaging. The packaging of the medicine will be specific to the team ordering the medicine and the labeling will be available in 22 different languages.


Blessings International’s CEO, Barry Ewy, stated at the time of the acquisition: “We are honored to partner with OML in bringing this innovative and valuable process to both the teams and organizations we serve and as well as those OML has been serving. Having a process that improves safety and compliance for those being served is a very valuable resource that we are excited to be a part of.”


The Medication Repackaging Service order information is available on our Order page.

Hope During COVID-19: HOMS Project Update

Thank you for coming alongside Blessings International, providing for hundreds of orphans in Haiti by supporting the Haitian Orphanage Medical Support (HOMS) Project. Despite crushing economic inflation and unsettling civil unrest in Haiti, the HOMS project steadfastly continues to provide stable care and support for many orphan children in need, especially during the global pandemic the world is experiencing. We are always blessed to hear updates of how these continued efforts positively affect the well-being of the orphans involved, to the glory of God!


March 2020 came in like a lion, and like many other countries, schools in Haiti closed down while the government demanded families stay home to keep COVID-19 from spreading. This made routine visits to the orphanages to care for the children difficult, but the HOMS team (comprised of Esaie Jean Louis, Nurse Francia Champy, Angelina, Edrine, and Peterson, among others) refused to quit.


As soon as they were able, the HOMS team went back to task! April arrived, and though schools remained closed, the orphanages could receive visitors again. Immediately, it became a priority to teach the children about hygiene, handwashing, and handling coughs and runny noses to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Furthermore, the team taught the children how to make and distribute cloth masks. Arresting the possibility of infection and spread was the top-most priority, so that no child would find themselves sick.



In May, regular health monitoring resumed, with measurements, weight-taking, distribution of vitamins and de-worming medicines, as well as treatments for those found malnourished or with everyday illnesses. These precious children made in God’s image were not lost or forsaken at any point in the unfolding of the pandemic or after. With much more still to accomplish, Blessings International praises God that the needs of these children were appropriately met, even in such small ways.

Your Help is Needed

These orphans need your help now more than ever! As unrest in Haiti grows more volatile, the inhabitants feel the pinch of economic uncertainty ever sharper. HOMS brings hope and relief during a time of uncertainty, assuring these children that there is a God who cares for their needs. Your gift to the HOMS project provides a caring hug of health and rejuvenation necessary for a Haitian child to prosper.

Please consider giving to the HOMS Project today. Your gift is one of health and sanitation for a child during a time of great fear. Give at

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