$15K for USA Campaign
November 1-30, 2021


Help us raise $15,000 to support American charitable clinics.

You are sitting in a patient room, nervous because your child is extremely ill and you don’t know how you will pay the bill. The doctor comes in, hands you a prescription, informs you that your child will be all right, and directs you with a smile to the receptionist. Your relief is quickly replaced with the financial dread once again.


But, to your surprise, you owe hardly anything, and you leave the charitable clinic with the necessary medication in hand….


Homegrown Help

Access to quality healthcare is a problem many uninsured or underinsured Americans face daily. That’s why 2 million Americans turn to charitable clinics, a saving grace in our country.

Though patients pay considerably little at these practices, there is still a cost to the clinics, who receive little to no state or federal funding for their staff, volunteers, and overhead. On top of facing funding challenges, these clinics also face a major problem of finding and maintaining access to low-cost, high-quality medication.


How Blessings Helps Charitable clinics

We are honored to serve these clinics by offering special discounts and free shipping. By keeping their pharmacies stocked at minimal cost, patients stay healthy, lives are saved, and many hear the gospel.


Our Goal

This month, Blessings is running the campaign, $15K for USA. Our goal is to raise $15,000 in 30 days to bless charitable clinics nationwide!


How to donate

In the last 5 years…


We’ve aided US clinics and pregnancy resource centers by:


– Providing over $500,000 (cost value) in medicines, vitamins & supplies


– Serving 336 clinics in 48 states


– Helping an estimated half million people, not including the unborn!



During November, you can contribute to the campaign here or at the button at the top of the page, via check (with the campaign name on the subject line), or by texting 15K4USA to 91999.


Can we count on you to join us?

Your generous donation will help bring relief and medical care to the individuals that would not have access otherwise. We are so excited to see God’s work in action every day this November!

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