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Can a nation be saved…in one day?

This was the question earnestly posed by Missions.Me, a California-based organization that Blessings International has partnered with.

They found the answer by initiating the largest small-term missions event in history named “1Nation1Day.” Conceived in 2013, it is a global phenomenon difficult to categorize. Missions.Me Chief Communications Officer Gabe Bahlhorn simply illustrates 1Nation1Day as an opportunity to “unite the global church for the salvation and transformation of a nation.”

Five thousand volunteers from thirty-three nations will descend on the South American nation of Peru in June 2019 to join forces with a team of thousands of Peruvian team members. What will ensue for over a week straight will be revolutionary in its scope and reformation. Throughout the entire nation, hundreds of teams will:

  • open medical clinics,
  • build houses,
  • distribute aid,
  • bring clean water filtration systems,
  • educate and equip local ministries and churches,
  • and much, much more.

The church will be uniquely positioned to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Peru and illustrate Jesus’ compassion, as had previously occurred in recent years past in Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. From the highest government official to the commonest citizen, all of Peru will be touched by this colossal movement of God.

1Nation1Day is the largest global missions outreach in history and Blessings International is devoted to supporting its medical outreaches. Reaching the medical needs of the people is the key to opening up a nation, as well as gaining the respect of its political leaders. When Blessings began its partnership with 1Nation1Day in 2015, we provided 80% of the medicines used to meet the needs of the people in the Dominican Republic. Years later, we are the sole medicine provider for Peru. A total of twelve clinics (some government-run) will be spread throughout the country, ready to meet the medical needs of thousands. Blessings International’s CEO Barry Ewy, also a pharmacist, is excited to be positioned as the head of one of the two clinics soon to be established in the capital city of Lima. He also functions as the head of pharmacy on the 1Nation1Day medical advisory council.

“One of the difficulties for patients is being able to have access to good quality medicine,” Ewy admits. “What we bring them via 1Nation1Day is access to good, safe medicine that they wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Ewy furthermore states, “The medicine is meant to heal and to treat illness, and that’s a fantastic thing that everyone who comes through the clinics needs. But, what they also need when they come into the clinic is spiritual healing, and that’s the uniqueness that 1Nation1Day and Blessings International present.”

1Nation1Day is in the unique position to not only highlight the need of a nation but to provide the solution that will impact it entirely. It is a moment that creates a movement—and uniquely puts the global church in a place to lead.  The whole event culminates in a final night of national broadcasts from stadiums across Peru full of people thirsty for the spirit of God. And the resulting vibrations will be felt for a lifetime throughout their land.

So, can one nation be saved in one day?

The answer? When God’s people come together in one undeniable force…yes!

Will you help us meet our goal of raising $50,000?

Leslie Walters

Leslie serves as Blessings International's donor development associate.

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