Indiana, Here We Come!

We have exciting news! Thanks to a recently passed bill in Indiana’s congress, we will now be able to ship to Indiana, beginning July 1, 2019!

Because of the bill, as a non-profit organization, we are exempt from the licensure that formerly prevented us from being able to ship into the state, as long as we are shipping to another non-profit organization. Because following regulations and protecting our partners’ licenses are highly important to us, this is a meaningful breakthrough for organizations in Indiana.

Our CEO, Barry Ewy, says, “In regards to Indiana, it was a matter of asking ourselves, ‘Have we done everything we can to make it possible to serve those who serve?’ Short of working with some of our partners in Indiana to help initiate a bill, we had. So, this legislation was our next foreseeable step. And praise the Lord, the bill had favor every step of the legislative process.

This is the second state this year we’ve gained access to after being granted the ability to ship to South Carolina this February. (Praise the Lord!) We are now legally able to ship prescription medicine to every state except North Dakota and Wyoming. (For over-the-counter medicine and supplies, we are able to ship to all fifty states and the District of Columbia.)

All products on our order form will be eligible for shipment into Indiana after July 1.

Our calendar is marked. Is yours?



Meagan Briggs

Meagan serves as Blessings International's communications associate.

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