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After one of Mission Partners for Christ’s many trips, Sheri sent Blessings International a trip report/feedback form that had eight eye-catching words: “We were their first visitors in three generations.”
We followed up with Sheri and learned more about Mission Partners’ model, effectiveness, and heart to reach the unengaged. Today, it’s our privilege to share with you a glimpse of their work and how Blessings International comes alongside them in their ministry.

In Sheri’s Own Words:

We were in Liberia a year ago. It was the last day of our trip and we had not seen any salvations yet.

My translator, Chris, was sitting next to me. His dad had been a physician and had passed away during Liberia’s Ebola outbreak. When Chris heard there was a medical team coming, he immediately wanted to help us.

That last day, I was triaging patients. As I was treating a young man, the Lord prompted me to ask him if he knew why we were there.

“You’re a humanitarian group,” he said.

“It’s more than that,” I replied. “We come because we love Jesus.” With Chris’s help, we explained the Gospel to this man, asking him if he would like to know about this Jesus who’s in my heart.

He said yes, and came to accept Jesus as his savior.

Well, that just charged up my translator.  “We’ve got a little time,” I said to him. “We can go share the gospel with some other people in the line.”

So, we started talking to others, and somebody else accepted Jesus. And before I knew it, the person standing next to that person in line says, “Well, I want to accept Jesus too.”

By then, my translator is so charged up. He suddenly had thirty people in front of him and was sharing the Gospel. Before I knew it, there were all these people who had come to know Jesus Christ. I was so excited!

One simple question got the ball rolling and many people got saved that day.

Chris, now, is following in his father’s footsteps and studying to become a doctor. I often say I have another son and he lives in Liberia.

About Mission Partners for Christ

Mission Partners for Christ provides high quality medical care and exposure to the gospel by providing screening, medication, treatment, and health education in underserved countries around the world.

By partnering with missionaries and organizations already in the region, Mission Partners for Christ comes alongside these partners and reaches villages that may never have been receptive to the gospel. People come for miles to attend their clinics, listen to health talks, and receive medication and vitamins. 

Healing the Hurting

Physically and Spiritually

“In the remote villages where we serve,” Sheri says, “people don’t have access to a doctor [or] they can’t afford the care or the medicine. So, we bring a lot of medicine with us.”

In addition to giving everyone vitamins and Tylenol, they treat everybody for worms with Albendazole.

“Everybody who sees us will receive something, because in a medical outreach, people are going to walk miles and miles to see a doctor.”


A Mission Partners for Christ team praying with villagers in Burkina Fuso.

Building Healthy Communities

Transformational Community Development

Mission Partners comes alongside missionaries and organizations already making an impact in the community. The partners have agreed to work with the communities for 3-5 year period, helping them with transformational community development, which encompasses clean water sources, farming, education, income generation, and of course, wellness.

“Working with partners who are fully invested in the villages, communities, and countries is important to us,” Sheri says. “We come in as far as the wellness. We teach about disease prevention, sanitation, wellness, and offer a lot of education with that.

“And we follow up on a regular basis with the partners to find out that the work continues long after we leave.”


An Ivory Coast woman prays to accept Christ.

Transforming Lives

One prayer at a time

“We pray a lot,” Sheri emphasizes. Each trip is covered in prayer before, during, and after.

“We have been able to pray numerous times with village chiefs, senators, mayors, and government leaders. We’ve been invited to mayor’s homes—and they are from other religions! We are given this access and these opportunities because we’re willing to go and serve in their villages where they don’t have access to medical care.

“God opens the doors for us to do that a lot.”



By working together with partners of many various skill-sets, Mission Partners for Christ is helping people in the remotest areas physically, spiritually, and emotionally—short term and long term—and Blessings is privileged to be a part of the life-changing work they are doing.


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