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We have had the privilege of partnering with e3 Partners since 2007. In those twelve years, e3 Partners has taken our medicines, vitamins, and supplies to at least forty countries. Today, Anne Lucas, e3 Partners’ director of short-term trips and e3 Medical, shares with us how, who, and why they serve.

About e3 Partners: in their own words

e3 Partners strives to see a world where a local church is accessible to every person, everywhere. We work to make this vision a reality through many avenues, including medical mission trips. These trips provide opportunities for us to administer physical treatment and healing, while also opening doors for us to share the Gospel, point people to Jesus, and allow for the Holy Spirit to provide spiritual healing. Blessings International plays a vital and completely selfless role in these trips by providing us with medications and other medical materials needed to treat these communities with the best care possible.

We are extremely grateful for Blessings International and their partnership with e3.

Healing the Hurting

Physically and Spiritually

There are communities all over the world with little or no access to proper health care. Things we consider mild, like a common cold or a cut on the foot, can become incredibly detrimental and sometimes even life-threatening for people in these communities. Many of them are also places where the name of Jesus has never been heard.

Our medical mission trips are dedicated to providing exceptional health care to these communities for physical healing while also spreading the message of the Gospel for spiritual healing and hope. When you are able to help relieve someone’s physical pain, it typically opens doors for conversations about our hope in Jesus and the spiritual healing that can provide as well.


Building Healthy Communities

Clinics and Education

The medical clinics we facilitate on our trips not only provide treatment, but education as well. Many communities are unaware of the basic hygienic knowledge we take for granted in the U.S. We teach them how to properly take care of their injuries and other ailments. This helps ensure they do not become completely dependent on our trips for the health of their people.

Additionally, from a spiritual perspective, when someone accepts Christ into their life, we immediately begin discipling them, teaching them how to study Scripture, how to share the Gospel with others, and how to gather others into church. This again ensures that their spiritual walks can continue to flourish even after our team leaves.


Transforming Lives

One Trip at a Time

An Ethiopian baby girl meets e3 Chief Medical Director Dr. Kathy.

Barriers are removed with medical clinics. Those who come to see the healthcare team typically have immediate respect for the team and they will open up to share problems they may not otherwise share.

On one trip, the best the physician could do medically for the patient was to pray and give him some ibuprofen for pain. After telling the man there was nothing he could do for the patient, he and the translator prayed for God’s healing. Immediately the patient said the pain in his legs was gone. He was able to walk, pain-free, from the clinic!

Thank you, Anne and everyone at e3 Partners, for sharing with us a glimpse of your ministry! It’s a privilege to partner with you as you serve individuals all over the world!

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Anne Lucas
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