Caring for the Whole Patient

Last month, e3 Partners shared with us how they equip, evangelize, and establish around the world and through medical missions. Today, Anne Lucas, e3’s director of short-term trips and e3 Medical, encourages us to care for each patient physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Today’s guest poster, Anne Lucas, is e3’s director of short-term trips and e3 Medical. 

As a healthcare professional, you treat the whole patient: body, mind, spirit. On a medical mission, there is an immediate trust that you have come to help their physical needs. Being able to encourage, share the love of God, and pray for each patient completes the picture of caring for the whole person.

For example, a story stands out from an e3 trip to Russia:

Diana had high blood pressure. She’d suffered several mini-strokes, and had recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She had very little money and felt hopeless, but that’s when she met an e3 team that was currently serving in her home town.

After hearing her story, the e3 team asked Diana if they could pray for her. She responded with a question of her own:

“How much does prayer cost?”

The team was almost completely overwhelmed by her response. What a perfect opportunity to share the Gospel! They explained to Diana that prayer is a gift from God, just as salvation through Jesus is a free gift of God’s love and grace.

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Diana was shocked. That was not the answer she expected. She asked to know more about this “love and grace,” and in that moment, the team could see God working in her heart.

They spent some time studying Scripture with Diana, and before leaving, they were able to connect her with a local Parkinson’s specialist as well as a local church that has committed to helping her travel to and from her appointments.

Please pray for the church as they minister to Diana and disciple her as a new believer!

Anne Lucas
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