20 Reasons to Order Online in 2020

Maybe you’re looking ahead at this year, and there’s at least one medical mission trip coming up. Whether you’re ordering ahead of time or just in time, here are twenty reasons to use our online ordering feature for purchasing pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and medical supplies.

1. It’s easy

Our streamlined service guides you smoothly through the ordering steps.

2. It’s safe

All transactions on the ordering platform are secure. Enter your information without concern.

3. It’s fast

Placing an order is approximately three times faster online.

4. Fewer errors

The automated process allows less room for human error or oversight.

5. Collaborate

Fellow team members can access and revise orders and info.

6. “Save a cart” feature

Need time or a second opinion? Easily save your cart for later.

7. Upload documents

Easily attach required documents with your order.

8. It’s convenient

Order anywhere there is internet access.

9. Same personal service

Each order is reviewed and processed by Blessings International staff members.

10. Retain your information

Do you order frequently? Select your preferred address and order information with one click.

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11. Multiple user access

Because each organization can have numerous myBessings accounts, individual team members can access info and updates whenever they need to.

12. Pre-calculate

Receive an estimate of your order’s weight and cost when you’re checking out.

13. Immediate processing

Orders immediately show up in your myBlessings account.

14. Same great quality

Every Blessings International order is guaranteed to be in-date and high-quality.

15. Customer service available

If you need help during the ordering process, customer service is always an email or call away. (Please note, our business hours are in Central Time Zone.)

16. Flexibility

Easily alter your cart at any step before submitting an order.

17. Immediate tracking

Track your order’s progress all the way from “Submit” to “Delivered.”

18. Save time

Orders placed online are processed more quickly than paper orders.

19. Eliminate guesswork

Whether you’re ordering OTCs or pharmaceuticals, there’s one process for all orders.

20. Available for all

All Blessings International customers can order online through myBlessings.

If you’re ready to begin your next order, please visit blessing.org/order.

Meagan Briggs

Meagan serves as Blessings International's communications associate.

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