How the Blessings Bundle Formulary Helps First-Time Teams

We want to make every team’s mission successful, and one way we like to help is by offering free resources on our website. On our resource page, you can access downloadable forms, helpful documentation, and links to sources.

One very useful resource is our Blessings Bundle guide. This is a downloadable formulary that itemizes suggested medicines, vitamins, and supplies for a team serving approximately 1,000 people. The Blessings Bundle formulary categorically lists the item, size, quantity, and estimated cost of each suggested product.

It is fully modifiable and references each product by its stock number, making it easy to cross-reference when creating an order.

Great Starting Point for First-Timers

Click image to view/download the Blessings Bundle.

We created the Blessings Bundle formulary with first-time medical mission teams in mind so they could have a starting point of reference.

If you’ve deliberated whether to bring two or twenty tubes of hydrocortisone cream – or if hydrocortisone cream was something you hadn’t yet considered – our Blessings Bundle list gives you a recommended amount to order for 1,000 patients.

Also, following the suggested list of products allows you to estimate the cost right away.

Over Thirty-Five Years of Experience in One Place

Medicines for missions has been our sole focus since 1981. As such, everything we’ve learned about quantities, team size, and patient populations we’ve applied to this resource.

Fully Modifiable

We want you to get what you need—no more and no less. When you consider the list, you’re free to tell us what you want and don’t want included in your Blessings Bundle, based off your specific needs and the region/population you’re serving.

We’re here to be sure you are equipped with what you need.

The Blessings Bundle formulary is available on our Resources page. After downloading, apply the quantities and stock numbers when ordering online through myBlessings, or alternatively, add the quantities to your order form, which can be found on our Order page.

Meagan Briggs

Meagan serves as Blessings International's communications associate.

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