Ensuring Quality

In February, Blessings’ CEO, Barry Ewy, spent two weeks in India inspecting the sites where a significant portion of our import-for-export pharmaceuticals are manufactured. His travels led him to seven manufacturing plants, where his objective was to ensure that each manufacturer is continuing to meet the compliance conditions we require for all of our products.

“This was my second compliance inspection trip since I began at Blessings,” Barry says, “and once again, I brought back a very positive report.”

Pharmaceutical inspections help us ensure that we are continuing to provide the highest level of quality for our customers and their patients. To us, quality is not just a material standard, but an eternal legacy.

Barry says, “I can’t think of anything more detrimental when presenting the Gospel on a medical mission trip than to give away medicines that are sub-quality or even harmful. Our work is more than supplying life-giving medicines; it’s also about providing tools for missionaries to share the Gospel. And so, we want to do everything we can to ensure the highest quality.”

Go here to learn more about our commitment to quality, as well as our other core values.

Meagan Briggs

Meagan serves as Blessings International's communications associate.

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