Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Drew Chancey


Drew Chancey

Began working at Blessings International:

December 2015


Accountant and Project Manager

If you had to compare yourself to a TV-show character, who would you be, and why?

Captain Picard from Star Trek. He is serious and direct which reminds me of myself sometimes.

Describe the part you play at Blessings:

I serve Blessings by leading major technology and operational efficiency projects to help us best serve our customers. I complete many of the routine accounting functions and generate reports so our management and board have the information needed to lead our organization.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

I really enjoy having the opportunity to dream up new ways we can improve our services and have a greater impact on those in need around the world.

Where have you served in a missional capacity?

I have done a couple mission trips here in Oklahoma in the past. I also participated in disaster recovery in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Where/How would you like to serve in the future?

I would love to serve in the United States again. If I served internationally, I would like to serve in Albania.

What was your last staff devotional about?

I find great comfort and strength in the psalms so I read a chapter for my last devotion.

What is your best memory here at Blessings?

Before my son was born, the Blessings staff held a baby shower for my wife and me. I was very thankful for the work everyone put into celebrating with us.

Gayle (former accounts receivable) and Drew having some fun for “Twin Day.”

Filming promo for online ordering, a project Drew managed.

Baby shower at Blessings



Meagan Briggs

Meagan serves as Blessings International's communications associate.

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