Blessings Bundle—Export Package

At this time while we try to protect one another by staying distant, we can also help one another by sending medicines across the distance.

Blessings International is launching a new resource for teams who are unable to travel at this time, and who want to send medicines to the communities they would normally be serving at this time. We understand that knowing what to send is not always straightforward, and as such, we’ve created a special order package called the Blessings Bundle Export Package.

What It Is

The Blessings Bundle Export Package (not to be confused with our traditional Blessings Bundle – Medical Treatment Formulary) is specifically designed to be used during this time when teams are unable to travel abroad. The Export Package is a bundled order of forty-five products, totaling 154 items, ranging from antibiotics to digital thermometers. Every item in the package is designed for frequently treated conditions, including but not limited to diabetes, hypertension, asthma, etc.

Each bundle is estimated to treat 2,064 patients and costs $1,503.75*.

How It Works

When you order the Blessings Bundle Export Package, we package the entirety of the formulary and prepare it for export. While the formulary is not modifiable, other items can be added to your original order and sent as a whole.

Each Export Package is eligible for free international shipping. For information on exporting and free shipping, please see the post, “Free Direct Shipping on Orders Over $1,500.”

How to Order

Due to its special nature, the Blessings Bundle is not in our catalogue, so when you wish to place an order, please contact our order department, requesting a Blessings Bundle Export Package. Our customer service team will then guide you through the order process.


It’s our hope that the Blessings Bundle Export Package will be a blessing to overseas communities who rely on medical mission teams for their health care. We also hope it will bless the teams who can’t travel at this time, as we know the present circumstances are very difficult on both groups.

To view the Export Package order list, please go to our Resources page, or click here to download.


*Estimated total. Prices of individual items may fluctuate.

Meagan Briggs

Meagan serves as Blessings International's communications associate.

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