Responding to the Call

As many Americans find themselves unexpectedly unemployed as a result of the current economic climate, charitable clinics across the United States are experiencing a sharp influx of need-based patients seeking aid in procuring their usual medications. Unfortunately, this high level of need shows no evidence of slowing down. On the contrary, as the nation continues its battle against COVID-19, it is likely to continue or even rise.

St.Vincent de Paul Pharmacy receiving a donation from Blessings

Blessings International is proud of our ability to help in this fight! Hank Hermann of St. Vincent de Paul Pharmacy, a clinic in Dallas, Texas, which Blessings has served during the pandemic, said this about Blessings’ involvement: “More recently, we have seen increases in the volume of prescriptions dispensed… This primarily relates to…seeing new patients suddenly without health insurance coverage who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus… Let me assure you, Blessings International is an important reason that we are privileged to provide the dignity of access to health-sustaining prescription medications to those needing, but unable to afford them.”

As always, Blessings International strives to serve the uninsured and under-insured American population, but even more so now during this crucial time. Through the generosity of our donors and friends, we continue to provide aid to charitable clinics across the United States by gifting routine medicines and prescriptions needed to protect lives. Despite unfortunate circumstances, preexisting conditions and other chronic maladies do not go away. Therefore, it is our priority to provide for the critical needs of Americans on the back-end of the pandemic, as well as on the front line.

Blessings International also continues to respond to the urgent call from the medical front lines for needed personal protective equipment, to the best of our ability. Equipping many clinics and hospitals across the United States with supplies needed to save lives has been a great pleasure for Blessings International from the beginning of the pandemic until now.

None of this would be possible without the kindness of our donors. United States clinics work courageously around the clock to help individuals, and you can too. A $50 donation to Blessings International’s USA COVID Relief fund will provide much-needed personal protective equipment for front line healthcare workers, or a month of free medicines to twelve under-insured Americans. Can we count on you to be their help?


Leslie Walters

Leslie serves as Blessings International's donor development associate.

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