Her faith was renewed by the gift of medicine

Maria had accepted Christ as a teenager, but she’d turned away in later years. Not long after she and her one-year-old son Alejandro moved to another city in an undisclosed country, Alejandro developed tonsillitis and a high fever.

Through a neighbor, Maria learned that she could get free medicine for little Alejandro through a local church medical clinic. The medicines came from Blessings International through a partner who has developed consistent, long-term medical service via churches within Maria’s country.

Not only did the doctors treat Alejandro’s fever and tonsillitis, they also supplied him and Maria with deworming agents and vitamins.

Alejandro felt better right away, and Maria wrote a thank-you note to the pastor of the church, expressing her sincere gratitude for the medicines that had made her son so much better.

Maria with Alejandro and her mother, Judith.

From that day on, Maria began attending church with her mother, Judith (pictured). She now serves in Sunday School and is an invaluable volunteer in the medical office of the church. She also regularly shares the gospel with her neighbors and supplies the elderly ones with medicine.

Maria’s pastor says, “Maria is being a great blessing in the church and in our medical service right now. Like Maria, we have several new believers in the church who have come to believe through the social work that the church does with the medicines and medical materials that we received….”

He continues: “We currently have a group of seven grandparents from the community that we support with their permanent treatments. They have all received Christ and are being discipled and they are already preparing for baptism. We give glory to God for this!”

We too give glory to God! We’re so grateful for how medicine saves lives and opens doors to share the soul-saving Gospel!

Meagan Briggs

Meagan serves as Blessings International's communications associate.

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