‘Tis the Season for Supplication

In early 2020, the ramifications of the global pandemic were felt worldwide, while international travel came to a screeching halt. As an unfortunate result, Blessings International experienced a sharp drop in the amount of medicines going out from our warehouse into the world. We are now working tirelessly to ensure that these supplies get used and won’t have to be destroyed–and your support is needed to accomplish that!

Giving Tuesday was such a success that we are continuing our appeal through the end of the year! Our special fundraiser, “Supplication for Supplements,” empowers you to provide vitamin supplements to pregnant mothers and growing children all over the world, now through the beginning of the new year.

Blessings International has a goal to raise $100,000 to send 12,000 children around the world the short-dated vitamins we have on supply, and supporting Supplication for Supplements will bring that to pass. This monumental act of lovingkindness you initiate towards a pregnant mother or her child guarantees that individuals like children from Roatán, Honduras, (pictured) will receive the vitamins they desperately need to help them grow.

Blessings International employee Meagan Briggs experienced first-hand the rejoicing of the Roatán community when the promotoras (community health workers) conduct home visits, with life-giving vitamins in-hand. She says:

“Whenever the promotoras Vicky and Carla came on-site within a community, the kids ran up to them and followed them as they did their rounds. Each child was weighed and measured, and each received a month’s worth of vitamins, which he or she held onto like precious gifts. Because of the regular care, the children were thriving and it was reflected in the moms’ relieved smiles.”

Your gift blesses these children and allows us to give away more than ever! Here is how your gift will create an impact:

        • $50 sponsors 2 mothers with prenatal vitamins for their entire pregnancy AND 3 growing children with vitamins for a whole year.
        • $100 sponsors 8 mothers with prenatal vitamins for their entire pregnancy.
        • $250 sponsors 30 growing children with vitamins for a whole year.

Thank you for joining us today! Your gift will change lives!

Blessings International
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