Employee Spotlight: Leslie Walters


Leslie Walters

Began working at Blessings International:

October 2018


Donor Development Associate

If you had to compare yourself to a TV-show character, who would you be, and why?

TV? What’s that? LOL! I don’t really know how to answer that because I barely watch TV anymore. Maybe I’m like the character Amelie from the movie Amelie. I think that since I’m quiet and come across as reserved, not many know about the humorous, fantastical world within, except when I let the cat out of the bag every now and again.

Describe the part you play at Blessings:

I work to bring in donations to Blessings (and process them). 100% of the donations then go back out as free medicines, vitamins, or supplies for medical missions teams and clinics to use in the field.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

Seeing the pictures and hearing the testimonials of the teams that have traveled all over the world, and rejoicing over the great work that God is doing in the lives of many.

Where have you served in a missional capacity?

I was very lucky to have traveled to Ghana with EveryDay Ministries in January 2020 before the pandemic hit. It was my first (but hopefully not my last) missions trip!

Where/How would you like to serve in the future?

I would love to return to Africa. Everything about the place stole my heart!

What was your last staff devotional about?

I read from my favorite devotional Jesus Always, and it was about trusting God when it gets hard!

What is your best memory here at Blessings?

It’s hard to choose…there are so many. This is such an awesome place to work. Hmmm, I guess being surprised with a party celebrating my recent wedding this December! In fact, anything connected to that event is my best memory these days 😉

In December, Blessings celebrated Leslie and her upcoming marriage

Leslie on a mission trip in Ghana

Filming a video about donations for Giving Tuesday

Meagan Briggs

Meagan serves as Blessings International's communications associate.

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