Employee Spotlight: Tayler Gole


Tayler Gole

Began working at Blessings International:

February 2019


Order Processing

If you had to compare yourself to a TV-show character, who would you be, and why?

Definitely Leslie Knopes from Parks & Rec. She is a hard worker, funny, and completely dramatic. With a little mix of craziness. We’re twins!

Describe the part you play at Blessings:

I am lucky enough to get to do a little bit of everything at Blessings. I help answer phones, I am a customer service rep, and I help customers with their accounts and their orders from beginning to end.

I also take care of invoicing customer orders after the order ships from our warehouse.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

The customers! I’ve developed some really great customer relationships in the time I’ve been with Blessings.

Where have you served in a missional capacity?

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to serve abroad. I was supposed to go to Guatemala in September 2020, but you know, COVID.

Where/How would you like to serve in the future?

I would love the opportunity to be able to serve in Guatemala, Romania, and Asia.

What was your last staff devotional about?

It was at the beginning of 2021 so it was about starting the new year with the mindset of thankfulness and encouraging others. Focusing on serving Jesus and bringing glory to God the Father.

What is your best memory here at Blessings?

There is no way I could pick just one. I get to come to work every day doing something I love with people I really enjoy. We are always laughing and I have made some lifelong friendships.


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Meagan Briggs

Meagan serves as Blessings International's communications associate.

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