Even When You Can’t Travel, Medicines Still Can!

COVID restrictions may apply to personal travel, but they don’t apply to shipments of vitamins and medicines! With fewer medical teams traveling, the need for effective medication abroad is more urgent than ever before! You have helped our medicines to continue to travel even when most people could not. Yes, you.

We are expanding our successful “Supplication for Supplements” campaign to include fundraising for ALL of our short-dated medicines, not only vitamins. Your donation to the new Expedited Hope fund helps us place our short-dated products before they expire. When we are unable to place short-dated items, the only alternative is to destroy them. However, these valuable products could still impact lives before they expire.

By sending them at significantly reduced rates, we help them get into the hands of those who need them most in places all over the world—places like Venezuela

Photo courtesy of South Tulsa Baptist Church

Venezuela is one of the hardest hit countries in the world today—politically, economically, and from the effects of COVID. In spite of this, Blessings International, in relationship with South Tulsa Baptist Church and other organizations, has been able to provide large quantities of short-dated medicine and vitamins to more than sixty locations all across Venezuela, distributed under the supervision of Venezuelan pastors and doctors. These medicines have gone out to approximately 90,000 impoverished Venezuelans, thanks in significant part to your support of Blessings International.

Photo courtesy of South Tulsa Baptist Church

In the fall of 2020, one local pastor in a remote village of Venezuela rejoiced with the gift of free medicines for his people. He said, “Every day, more people come looking for help, in some cases with diseases that will last for life…. You cannot imagine the help that has been for many to be able to go to the church and be treated with assistance and medicines. There are no words to convey the gratitude of many who are cared for….”

Your partnership makes testimonies like this possible!

All gifts to Expedited Hope will allow us to place essential, short-dated products and help make them available to communities in need before they expire.

Thank you for healing lives all over the world with your generous gift to the Expedited Hope fund!

Blessings International
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