Because of You: how donors have blessed millions in forty years

If you have ever given to Blessings International in the last four decades, your gifts have touched millions of people worldwide and continue to have an impact.

As we reminisce during our anniversary year, there are many impact stories that have come up. Below are just a few that would never have been possible without our donors’ generosity.


Tuberculosis Clinics – Northern Myanmar

Harold & Linda Harder with Dr. John & Anna Brang at the initiation of the full-time TB program.

In our early years, Blessings launched medicines to clinics in remote locations worldwide. Within the last fifteen years especially, donations helped Blessings accomplish effective, targeted programs, like the multiple Direct Observation Treatment programs in clinics across Northern Myanmar.

These programs were wildly successful, curing 94% of tuberculosis cases presented, in addition to addressing other grave diseases like malaria. “In fact,” then-president Dr. Harold Harder said, “one community leader says that his village is being transformed and that many people are starting to move into the region because of the high quality of health care available there!”



Shipments of medicines sent to Peru for 1Nation1Day, 2019

Financial donations have allowed Blessings to come alongside large-scale evangelistic outreaches such as’s 1Nation1Day. Blessings International was the primary medical supplier for the 2019 Peru outreach, donating a cost value of $60,000 of pharmaceuticals. We were blessed to hear of the miracles that happened as a result of this most recent 1Nation1Day outreach, with 1.1 million people reached, resulting in 13,722 salvations.



Papua New Guinea

Administering a COVID test. The GeneXpert machine is on the lower left.

In as recently as the last few months, Blessings has sought to help eradicate the presence of other threatening diseases in Papua New Guinea through a longstanding association with the Wycliffe Clinic in the Ukarumpa region. Blessings became aware of the dire need for proper tools to diagnose COVID-19 at this crucial time. With COVID cases rising steadily, the province lacked comprehensive help of this kind for hundreds of miles.

Because of donations received, Blessings contributed towards the purchase of a GeneXpert diagnostic machine, equipped and ready to go! A GeneXpert not only accurately diagnoses COVID-19, but also tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is rampant in PNG, where they have one of the highest prevalence rates in the world. We are grateful that this area of PNG is now comforted with the presence and utilization of accurate diagnostics.

 * * *

These are only a few examples of the practical ways your gifts have blessed millions around the world over the years! We haven’t even mentioned the numerous disaster relief teams we’ve assisted, our annual antimalarial giveaway, the Haiti Orphanage Medical Service, and more! There is simply not enough space to describe the ways blessings are being spread across the globe through your generosity. Indeed, in many ways, the greatest impact won’t be fully known until eternity.

We thank you so much for your caring heart and friendship, as we look toward the next forty years of healing the hurting, building healthy communities, and transforming lives!

Blessings International
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