Provision in the Face of Death

Sue, of Oklahoma City, didn’t know what she was going to do. The charitable clinic which she’d relied on needed to cut back, and Sue’s zipcode was chosen as one that could no longer be served.

When she got the news, Sue counted the last of her medication. It would last her only two weeks. That’s when the grim reality settled. Unable to afford more medication, she fully anticipated dying at home.

Never had Sue expected to be in this position. She’d previously had a job, a car, a home, but everything had changed, and now, without insurance, charitable clinics were her only hope of survival.

As the days went by and her medication supply dwindled, Sue had an idea. She reached for the phone and dialed 411, hoping to find anyone who could help her. That’s when she heard about Agape Medical Clinic–a charitable clinic who regularly orders from Blessings International–in Weatherford, Oklahoma, about forty-five minutes away.

After getting a ride, Sue arrived at the clinic full of hope and gratitude. She visited with the doctor and received three-months’ worth of medication, as well as the opportunity to come back whenever she needed.

God provided when Sue needed it most. She found herself in tears when describing where she’d be without the clinic.

“You’re saving lives,” she said, wiping her eyes.

Every day, safety-net providers like Agape Medical Clinic save lives all over the United States. Now, as many people are unable to afford health insurance due to layoffs caused by the pandemic, millions of Americans are relying on charitable clinics.

Blessings International joins alongside these charitable health organizations by offering discounted products and affordability so that they can provide patients like Sue the best care and medication. We are able to provide this through donor funding.

To help us serve our neighbors, please donate to the U.S.A. fund here. 100% of all donations are used to provide products to the sick and hurting.

Meagan Briggs

Meagan serves as Blessings International's communications associate.

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