A Story to Tell: how you can contribute to our up-coming publication

Pablo* from Venezuela had a fast-growing ulcer on his right foot, but he could not afford the medications to treat it. Instead, he was trying to raise funds to have a private doctor amputate his entire leg.

Maria* in Mexico had stopped taking her diabetes medication two years before when she could no longer afford it. Severely emaciated, thirsty, hungry, and alone, she tried the only thing she could: she ventured to a medical outreach, begging for help.

Pablo and Maria were hundreds of miles apart, but when they showed up at the free medical clinics and asked for help, the exact medicine they needed was there, ready for them.

Pablo received free medicines from Blessings International via South Tulsa Baptist Church’s outreach, and not only was his leg saved, but he continues to receive treatment for other health concerns. Maria was given the medicine, food, and care she needed, and the Rotary Club of Oak Ridge, Tennessee helped her get to a local doctor for long-term care. Beyond grateful, she told the team that they had been sent by God to help her.

Forty Years of Worldwide Stories

Stories like these—and many more—span Blessings International’s forty-year history. To mark this milestone anniversary and to celebrate what God has done, we are calling for a variety of testimonies to compile into a free, commemorative booklet.

If every bottle of medicine can impact one person’s life, there are millions of Blessings stories circulating the globe. Would you help us tell the stories of what God has done through medical missions and Blessings International?

We Can’t Do This Without You

We can only create a book of testimonies if we receive enough first-hand stories from those who distribute our products. Please send us your stories and help us inspire and encourage others in medical missions by following this link. Submissions will be edited as needed, so there is no need for stories to be written perfectly, only completely.

We look forward to hearing how you’ve seen a person’s life impacted by Blessings’ products!


*Not his/her real name

Meagan Briggs

Meagan serves as Blessings International's communications associate.

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