Healing Haiti

When his house collapsed in the August 14 Haiti earthquake, Emmanuel* lost both his wife and mother, and was injured. He made it to a field hospital, but was told he needed to get a scan for internal bleeding. But even if a hospital had been accessible nearby via unobstructed roads, Emmanuel would not have been able to afford the cost of travel.

Instead, Emmanuel ventured to a temporary clinic hosted by Fang Protective Services, who were providing medicines and supplies from Blessings International. He asked only for pain medication. As medical staff spoke to him, they ascertained his greater need and arranged transport to the remote hospital, which required a four-wheel drive truck. Not only were they able to give him the pain medication he sought, they were able to address the deeper needs and possibly save his life.

As Christians, we are called to care to one another. Just as this Blessings partner group saw a need and stepped up, our donors have done the same.

Since the Haiti earthquake, over $18,000 has been donated to Blessings International’s Emergency Disaster Relief fund. An estimated 44,000 people like Emmanuel have been helped.

All of this was made possible due to the generosity of our donors and friends. While Blessings is proud of the work that we can accomplish alongside our medical partners, we want to acknowledge that none of it would be possible without everyone who gives financially. We are so grateful for your continued support, donations, and prayers for Haiti.

As time carries on, Haiti will unfortunately continue to face hardships as they overcome the effects from the natural disaster. We will continue to take donations, and as always, keep them in our prayers.

*Not his real name

Bethany Johnson
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