Once Upon Normal Time

There was a time before the pandemic when hospitals in Liberia were well-supplied with medications and supplies. But by mid-2020, the Bong County government-run hospital was deep in shortage, along with so many other clinics and hospitals in the country.

Suah Kollie found himself in one of these depleted hospitals. A middle-aged man from Bong County, Suah had come to the Phebe Hospital with typhoid fever. He knew what illness he had, and the hospital staff knew it too, but no one could help him because the pharmacy shelves were depleted of the appropriate medicines. For a week, he stayed at the hospital, without change and without hope.

One afternoon, Suah was sitting outside the hospital. A hospital staff member mentioned that Ganta United Methodist Hospital, a private hospital in the neighboring county, was still open, operating, and supplied.

Just in time, Ganta Hospital had been the 2020 recipient of Blessings International’s Bless the Nations grant. Within the year, they received two direct shipments of essential, quality medicine that were so needed by the people in their community–and people beyond the community, like Suah.

This news was the hope that Suah needed. The next morning, he asked the doctor for a referral to the Ganta hospital. The doctor was more than happy to provide the referral, knowing they would have the needed medicines, giving Suah a chance at a full recovery.

Ganta Hospital staff receiving medicines from their Blessings International shipment.

The next day, Suah arrived at Ganta Hospital, and sure enough, the medicines he’d been prescribed were available. Within three days, his condition was notably improved.

As Suah was being released, the doctor at Ganta Hospital took a few minutes to advise him on how and when to take the medication they were sending home with him. Suah smiled. “This is a real, normal-time hospital,” he said. “The medicines remind me of normal time.”

Indeed, the pandemic has changed the face of mission hospitals and even government-run hospitals all across the world. Thanks to export orders, we have been able to ship 85 tons of pharmaceuticals and supplies to 73 nations in fiscal year 2021 alone. Read more about the 6 million lives touched in 2021 in our annual report.

Meagan Briggs

Meagan serves as Blessings International's communications associate.

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