It’s Not What You Know; It’s Where You Go

Forming connections is not just about what you know or who you know; it’s also about where you go.

Betsie Smith and Robert Read at GMHC 2021

The proximity principle tells us that the closer two people are physically, the more likely they are to form a connection. The greater the distance, the harder it is to create a relationship or partnership.

At the 2021 Global Missions Health Conference, exhibitors Robert Read and Betsie Smith had a booth across from Blessings International. They were there to recruit missionaries for the Egbe Medical Mission in Nigeria, and to network with medical professionals and suppliers.

Our organizations had never heard of each other before, but with three steps across the aisle, a connection began. We exchanged chocolate and conversation (as you do), and by the end of the conference, we were exchanging business cards. Within the month, Robert had placed an order through Blessings for the Egbe Hospital. That order had potential to help approximately 275 people.

The Egbe Hospital, Nigeria

The Global Mission Health Conference brings together medical professionals and medical organizations from all over the world. “It’s the largest gathering in the US/world that I’m aware of,” Robert Read says. “I’d recommend the conference to those who are involved in medical missions or want to learn more about it.”

Blessings International was not the only connection Egbe Medical Mission made at GMHC 2021. “We met a ministry that helped us procure an expensive piece of medical equipment for a fraction of the cost,” Robert told us. “And they also support the maintenance of the equipment. This [connection] would have been unlikely were it not for the GMHC.”

After years of virtual events and distance, in-person connection is something people are valuing more highly. If you’re wanting to form partnerships and find community, we encourage you to attend GMHC 2022 in Louisville, Kentucky, November 10-12.


Blessings International is a sponsor of Global Missions Health Conference.

Meagan Briggs

Meagan serves as Blessings International's communications associate.

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