Life is in the Leaven…and a Few Vitamins

Adapted from a testimonial by Rick Harper, US Missions Director at Health Talents International, which serves in Guatemala.

If you equate small acts of service to leaven, if you recognize the power of a spark to ignite a forest fire, then you will understand the power in the simple. Simply caring, simply loving, simply providing a few vitamins and powdered milk can rescue and transform.

Jayro was born in the summer of 2012. His mother passed away a few days later, never being able to nurse. His young father, ill-prepared and overwhelmed with grief in losing his wife, was unsure how to care for Jayro. He knew, mostly from Jayro’s cries, that his son was hungry and found that giving him warm water abated his cries for a few moments. What else could he do?

Jayro, now twenty-days old, was brought to our clinic in Xeyejup, Guatemala, by his aunt. She was concerned about his health, and she had observed Jayro had pink eye. When Jayro was unwrapped from this blanket, Dr. Walter Sierra was aghast.

Immediately, Jayro was provided malnourishment care: liquid vitamins to start, then powdered milk, pure water, and community visits by our local health promoters and weekly checkups by Dr. Sierra. The leaven of love, simple acts of caring, a little milk, a few vitamins from Blessings International and the results were remarkable.

We captured a photo of Jayro when he turned one–a healthy, smiling little cherub with no signs of cognitive impairment.

May God be glorified through our service. May we be salt, light…and leaven.


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