EDR: Providing Care during Tremendous Upheaval

From war in Ukraine to famine in Haiti, 2022 was a year marked by crises, disasters, and a great need for compassion from other nations. Into the midst of nations’ upheaval, Blessings International was able to send medications, supplies, and hope, thanks to the Emergency Disaster Relief fund, a donor-funded reserve that helps teams responding to disasters.


Ukraine/Russia war response—February 2022 to present
Estimated number of people impacted by EDR funds: 246,487
Amount given from donations: $146,718

A CMAU team member with medicines to help locals in Ukraine.

As the war in Ukraine continues, Blessings International is committed to providing relief by way of partners who are faithfully aiding Ukraine and her resilient but hurting people.

Pastor Sergei Eryomin from ABWE’s Christian Medical Association of Ukraine (CMAU) said, “We thank God, that…we could give medicines to people [in regions] who live under continuous fire. Many, many people live there who were unable to evacuate—elderly, heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, etc.”

In October, he said, “The people [there] have not had medicines for six months…. I often tell them that the donors will never see you, but that they provide these gifts because there is One who sees and knows you and deeply, greatly loves you, so much that he left Heaven for your sake. His name is Jesus Christ. They receive these gifts and words with many tears.

Cuba Fuel Tank Explosions—August 2022
Estimated number of people impacted by EDR funds: 504
Amount given from donations: $300

The team headed by First Woodway Baptist Church at the hospital in Matanzas, posing with medicines and supplies to help patients who were burned by the explosions.

In the port city of Matanzas, Cuba, lighting struck an oil tank this summer, causing it to explode and set fire to four other tanks. The explosions killed firefighters and injured over 120 people during the five-day fire. Thousands of Cubans were evacuated. They were asked to stay inside or wear masks to prevent the inhalation of toxic fumes.

Several medical teams came together to provide medicine and supplies to those affected. Blessings International was pleased to offer emergency disaster items so the people could receive treatment for burns, asthma, and inhalation of dangerous fumes.


Hurricane Ian response—September/October 2022
Estimated number of people impacted by EDR funds: 697
Amount given from donations: $415

One of the three U-Haul® trucks providing supplies and medicines to Floridians by St. Simon’s on the Sound Episcopal Church following Hurricane Ian. Photo courtesy: St. Simon’s Global Refuge Ministries

On September 23, Hurricane Ian devastated Florida with $50.2 billion in damage. It displaced thousands of people from their homes and caused them to be without water, electricity, and necessities. Patients’ access to medications and health care services decreased as many pharmacies and clinics were forced to close.

St. Simon’s on the Sound Episcopal Church brought medications and supplies from Blessings International to the many families needing to get back on their feet. Rev. Clelia Pinza-Garrity, deacon missioner from St. Simon’s Global Refuge Ministries, indicated that three twenty-six-foot U-Haul® trucks filled with supplies and medications were distributed to locals for ten straight hours. This initial effort is the beginning of a long recovery process, and Blessing International wants to continue to support the people of Florida through outreach teams.

* * *

We are so very grateful to our donors and customers who courageously stepped up to supply aid for disasters. Because of every person who gave, went, or sent medicine, we all have been able to meet the needs of people affected by disaster all over the world this year. Please consider helping us replenish our Emergency Disaster Relief fund so we can continue to help countries in need and stay prepared to assist as soon as disasters strike.

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