Separated on the Serengeti: a Maasai miracle

Adapted from a testimony written by Blessings International board member, Troy Sledge, RN, MSN.

It was the summer of 1986, and our team went to Kenya, Africa, to do a medical mission outreach. We had planned to do a clinic in a small town, but when we arrived, the governmental authority in the town ignored the permit we had gotten, and refused to have the team do the clinic. At that point, the team was not sure what to do. We spent the night in the town, and Karen Bean, our team leader, said to pray about where we were supposed to go from this town.  The next morning, Karen gathered the team together, and stated the following:

“The Lord says to divide the team into three different teams: one team for each van. All three vans are to drive off in different directions into the Serengeti, and the Lord will show each van where to go.”

This was a huge step of faith. So that’s what the team did. The van I was in drove out into the wilderness and we later found a Masai village. There were three chiefs in this village. Through our interpreters, an amazing story unfolded.

The Maasai believe in one God who gave them their cattle. These three chiefs had been praying and asking God to send someone to tell them more about Him. And we show up from 12,000 miles away, with no road map to get to them. We shared the Gospel with the chiefs and the village people, and everyone received Christ as their savior.

When we got back to the town, the rest of the team in the other two vans had the same results: they came upon a village in the middle of nowhere, and were able to share the Gospel with them, and many received Christ as savior. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of. Only God could have orchestrated those encounters!


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