5 Specialized Resources For Mission Trips

Every medical mission needs more than medicines to be successful, so we’ve provided the following specialized resources and services to help you and your team succeed.

1. Blessings MedEd

Earn CME/CNE on Mission Trips

Blessings MedEd connects providers with continuing education courses so that they can use their continuing medical education (CME) or continuing nursing education (CNE) hours toward a mission trip.

When an organization places an order of $1,500 or more, they will receive access to continuing education courses through an association we’ve partnered with. Each code is valid for one year, and offers 20% off each CME/CNE course offered through the portal. There’s no limit to how many people can use the code.

Providers who take the courses are able to itemize their mission trip or medical outreach under their required continuing education hours, allowing participants to learn and serve on the mission field, while also connecting NGOs with needed medical providers.

Learn more about Blessings MedEd here.


2. Medication Repackaging Service

Skip the Packing Party

Our Medication Repackaging Service (MRS) takes select medicines or vitamins you order through us and packages them in individual, zip-locked packets. Bags can be ordered in quantities of twenty, thirty, sixty, or ninety tablets each, and labeling is available in a choice of twenty-two languages.

Any item packaged through MRS has up to (depending on the manufacturer’s original expiration date) a two-year beyond-use date from the day of repackaging.

Learn more here.


3. Blessings Bundles

Don’t Know What Medicines to Take/Send?

We have two easy-to-use lists that are intended to provide a suggested formulary for teams needing a guide for a medical mission outreach. We have two bundles: one standard formulary (useful for first-time mission teams traveling abroad) and one export package (useful for teams wishing to send medicines abroad).

  • Blessings Bundle – Medical Treatment Formulary

Recommended to treat 1,000 patients, this list is a suggested formulary to use as a guide when building your order.

  • Blessings Bundle – Export Package

A resource for teams who wish to send medicines abroad but may not know what to send. This package is a complete order, providing medicines and supplies for the most frequently treated conditions. The Export Package is eligible for free export shipping.

Download forms at our Resources page.


4. Mission Trip Training

Get Your Whole Team on the Same Page for Your Short-Term Mission Trip

Whether you’re leading a mission team for the first time or you’ve never been on a mission trip, the Short-Term Missions Training series is designed to help you and your team be most prepared, effective, and safe on your outreach.

Designed and delivered by one of our board members, Troy Sledge, RN, MSN, the course is derived from decades of first-hand experience. Topics range from Preparation to Graceful Re-Entry, and are applicable to all types of missions.

View the playlist on YouTube and download all associated documents on our Resources page.


5. Mission Trip Checkup

Prepare for Your Mission Trip Spiritually and Mentally

Our nine-day devotional plan is a healthy dose of practical and spiritual considerations for your next mission trip. Applicable to first-time travelers and regular missionaries alike, it focuses on pre-trip preparation and post-trip recommendations for any type of mission trip.

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Meagan Briggs

Meagan serves as Blessings International's communications associate.

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