Turkey Earthquake Response

Updated 2/21/23

As we monitor news about the 7.8 magnitude earthquake and significant aftershocks in Turkey and Syria, we are praying for those who are hurting and grieving.

Current tolls from both countries are over 46,000 people dead and tens of thousands injured. The need for short term medical teams and medication is great.

As we supply medical relief teams, we’ll be drawing from our Emergency Disaster Relief fund, created for times such as this. However, due to events over the past year—especially the war in Ukraine—this fund is greatly depleted.

Would you consider giving a financial gift to the Emergency Disaster Relief fund to help bring hope and healing during times of disaster like this?

$100 can help up to 168 people
$250 can help approximately 420 people

Sharing the gospel is difficult in countries like Turkey and Syria. Through ministering to the hurting at this tragic time, we have the ability to show the love of God and His care.

Thank you for helping us aid the hurting!

If you are organizing disaster relief efforts for those affected by the earthquake, we are here to aid you.
Thanks to our donors, we are able to contribute discounts on orders designated for disaster relief.
We recognize that relief can look like providing immediate, short-term care as well as bridging the sudden supply gap for those with chronic conditions.
Whichever your approach, we’re able to come alongside you as you help the hurting.
When placing an order, please specify that your order is in response to the earthquake.
Meagan Briggs

Meagan serves as Blessings International's communications associate.

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