Employee Spotlight: SaraLyn Baker


SaraLyn Baker

Began working at Blessings International:

April 2022


Order Processing

If you had to compare yourself to a TV-show or movie character, who would you be, and why?

Honestly, definitely Russell from UP!! What I love about him and find similar is he’s always down for adventure even if it’s a little crazy and he’s super passionate about what he loves. Besides, I love basically anything chocolate, just like him. He’s loyal to Carl without losing sight of the other things that matter to him like Kevin and Dug, which I feel like is very admirable and can be tailored to different areas in our lives!

Describe the part you play at Blessings:

When I first started at Blessings, I served as the administrative assistant/receptionist, which looked like answering any questions our partners had from the time of before placing the order to when to pay, organizing feedback from teams that had already returned from their mission trips or serving locally, and supporting my other team members here at Blessings in a variety of ways– one of my favorites being planning birthday parties!

Now I have the opportunity to serve on the order processing team, filling orders for our partners/customers by reviewing our inventory and processing their orders accordingly, and offering similar items to ensure our customers are positioned in the best way to serve the people they are reaching. Sometimes, this looks like conversing with them via email or on the phone regarding the substitutions or answering other questions they have, to hopefully lessen the stress of all the details that come with planning a trip.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

I love that our partners/customers allow us to partner with them–that’s such a blessing in and of itself, because they could partner with anyone, and they choose us AND trust us with their trip. I’m so thankful and grateful that the medications God has entrusted to us are able to provide hope and healing to people all over the world that otherwise would not have access to it. Not to mention, the people I work with are so fun and the work environment is so different in the best way.

First mission trip in Puerto Rico

Where have you served in a missional capacity?

I have served on mission trips internationally to Puerto Rico, Argentina, and India, and locally in Los Angeles, California, at the Dream Center, and Houston, Texas, after Hurricane Harvey.

Where/How would you like to serve in the future?

I would love to go on a mission trip to Uganda as I’ve wanted to go there for a while! Maybe at an orphanage, as I’ve always had a heart for kids!

What was your last staff devotional about?

My last staff devotional was about my favorite flower–TULIPS! Tulips are so delicate, fragile, and need a considerable amount of sunlight. My husband gave me tulips recently, but I wasn’t able to put them in water soon enough and when I finally was able to, it had been too long, and they were having a difficult time standing up and not drooping.

Tulips that inspired the devotional

I put my favorite hair scrunchie around them to hold them up and hopefully perk back up without it being too tight around the delicate stems. After a couple of days, they were still drooping, and when I left home to go to work one morning while they were still drooping, God so gently reminded me that he is like that scrunchie. When we are having a hard time standing up and are super discouraged, He comes alongside and holds us up, as He has been there the whole time. He is always so near and thoughtful that He will use often our favorite things–as for me, tulips–to show His love and character to us! What a sweet God.

Bridal shower cookie cake

What is your best memory here at Blessings?

I love how encouraging and celebratory Blessings is. Since being here, I have hit a couple big life milestones, one of them being getting married last fall and Blessings so sweetly threw me a bridal shower. The people here are incredible, and God has met so many of my needs through them!


Meagan Briggs

Meagan serves as Blessings International's communications associate.

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