Medication Repackaging Service


A personalized packaging service for individual medications and vitamins.

Our Medication Repackaging Service (MRS) takes select medicines or vitamins you order through us and packages them in individual, zip-locked packets. Bags can be ordered in quantities of twenty, thirty, sixty, or ninety tablets each, and labeling is available in a choice of twenty-two languages.


Any item packaged through MRS has up to (depending on the manufacturer’s original expiration date) a two-year beyond-use date from the day of repackaging.

Products Available for Repackaging

  • Acetaminophen tablets (500mg)
  • Adult vitamins with iron
  • Adult vitamins without iron
  • Atenolol tablets (50mg)
  • Children’s chewable vitamins with iron
  • Children’s chewable vitamins without iron
  • Glibenclamide tablets (5mg)
  • Glipizide tablets (10mg)
  • Hydrochlorothiazide (25mg)
  • Ibuprofen tablets (200mg)
  • Ibuprofen tablets (400mg)
  • Metformin tablets (500mg)
  • Prenatal vitamins

Language Options

  • Arabic
  • Bengali
  • Chinese
  • Creole
  • English
  • Farsi
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Gujarati
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Spanish
  • Swahili
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Vietnamese