Your missions organization may require state licensing and expiration information. For this information search or select your state on the map. If we currently do not supply items to your state please contact us for alternative options.

Licensed states have all forms and items available.

Non-licensed states have vitamins and supplies only at this time.


What if my state is listed as Non-licensed?


New Customers: Welcome! We look forward to serving you!

In an effort to best serve you, we have identified two common issues that delay the ordering process and may delay the receipt of your order.


First, when registering for a Blessings International account, the Organization Name is intended to be the ministry or non-profit organization that is responsible for providing the 501(c)(3) documentation or church letter, as well as receiving the billing invoice. Please be sure to have this organization’s EIN and contact information.

Second, when submitting the physician’s or dentist’s practitioner license, please understand that we will have to ship to the address that is on that license, consistent with the requirements of the regulatory agency under which we are licensed. If your state does not place an address on the license, please contact us at to discuss other options.



If you are considering ordering with Blessings, you will need:

1. To be part of a 501(c)(3) organization.

• You will need to provide a copy of your organization’s 501(c)(3) letter when you register for a Blessings International account.


2. Have a licensed doctor (MDs or DOs only) place the order OR be a licensed US medical clinic. Please note that the medicine will ship to the address on the license.



• For US Orders: if you are only ordering vitamins and general supplies, you are not required to submit a physician’s license.
• For International Orders: if you are placing a dental order, a dental license is required, but if you are ordering only vitamins and general supplies, a physician’s license is not required.


3. Complete the applications and order process

First-time users of our service must prepay by check or credit card.



Prepayment is only required for your first order and can be made by check or by credit card through myBlessings.


We will begin processing your order after we have received prepayment or a faxed/emailed copy of your check. (If paying by check, please make sure to mail the original check, as we will not debit your account from the check copy.)


Your billing contact will receive a final invoice, including freight charges, via email. Please be aware that even if you make a prepayment, a balance may be due. Shipping charges, if applicable, are not included in prepayment estimate. Please check your invoices carefully!


All invoices are sent via email after you receive your medicine, and can also be accessed in your myBlessings account. We accept credit card payments through myBlessings only; however, a personal check is acceptable if the ministry name & order number are in the memo line.


You may receive multiple invoices if you have a back order.


Submit your order through myBlessings, or email your order documents to or fax (918-250-1281).


What if my state is listed as Non-licensed?

If your state is not listed and you have team members in multiple states, we are happy to send the order to a state that is listed so long as a physician in the state to which the medicine will be shipped signs the order and the order goes directly to the address on that physician’s license. As an alternative, if your state is not listed and you are not able to ship your order to a state that is listed, we would be glad to work with you to send your order directly to the country in which the medicine will be used.

Who can place an order with Blessings International?

A physician (MD or DO) is needed to place an order on our general International or US order form.  A dentist (DMD or DDS) may place an order for dental medicines and supplies. Any other persons are able to order over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and supplies for either international use or for use in the US.

Does the medical provider have to be licensed in the state where the medicine is shipped?

To assure appropriate control of the medicine being ordered, the medical provider providing a signature must have an active license in the state to which the medicine will be shipped.

Where do you get your vitamins, medicines, and supplies?

We source our products both domestically and internationally.

What does For Export Only and IFE mean?

This means these items are to be used only outside the United States. Once taken outside the U.S., the products cannot be returned to the U.S.

How much do your products cost?

Please see our online catalog or order forms for detailed costs.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Check, money order, or Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express if you sign up to the myBlessings account access.

I made a prepayment; why am I getting an invoice with a balance due?

The prepayment is an estimated amount and does not include possible freight charges. The end of the invoice shows a recap of total charges, prepayment applied, and any balance due.

I only placed one order; why do I have more than one invoice?

Sometimes it is necessary for us to ship the bulk of your order before all the products are available in our warehouse. If we are able to ship a subsequent order in time for you to receive it before your departure, we will create a back order which is shipped and billed separately.

My destination country requires us to have certain expiration dates. How can I make sure we receive products with good expiration dates?

If your destination country requires future expiration dates, please provide that date on your order.

We never ship expired medicines.

When will I receive my order?

Orders will be shipped based on product availability and trip departure date.

What if I have a rush request?

Please complete all require paperwork and call us to let us know about your rush needs.

How can I check the status of my order?
We encourage all customers to create a myBlessings account for convenient accessibility to their order information.
Also, you can contact us with your order number which is located in your order acknowledgment email that was sent to the billing contact person on your account.
What is a proforma, certificate of quality and authenticity, etc?
  • A proforma is a signed and sealed document that lists product names, expiration dates, and lot numbers.
  • A certificate of quality and authenticity states that the items are pure, safe to use, of good quality, etc.
  • A gift certificate states that these medicines are for humanitarian aid and they are not to be sold for profit.
  • A certificate of analysis is ordered for each “FOR EXPORT ONLY” item ordered. This document comes directly from the drug manufacturer and lists details of the chemical makeup of the drug.
What happens if I have to cancel my trip?

Contact us to cancel your order or discuss the possibility of returning unopened medicines.

What are the expiration dates on my products?
Our expiration dates change frequently. If your destination country requires future expiration dates, provide that date with your order.
We never ship expired medicines.
What does 1M stand for?

1M means it is a 1,000 ct bottle.

How much is shipping?
  • All orders that are sent via UPS Ground or FedEx Freight to an address within the US will qualify for free shipping. For expedited orders (UPS Next-Day Air, 2nd-Day Air, 3-Day Select, and FedEx), Blessings International will cover what would be equivalent to UPS Ground or FedEx Freight. The organization placing the order will be responsible for the expedited portion of the services.
  • Orders shipped internationally (direct to the international location) will be eligible for free shipping for orders of $1,500 or more. For International shipments of less than $1,500, Blessings International will cover the costs of inland shipment to the port of export with the receiving organization being responsible for the remaining costs. For all international shipments, the receiving organization will be responsible for any destination services or costs such as customs fees, duties, taxes, in-country storage and delivery, etc.
What if my church does not have a formal 501(c)(3) letter from the IRS?

All churches are considered to be 501(c)(3) organizations even if they have not applied for formal recognition. The IRS will send a “no record church letter” upon request, and at no charge, to any church that calls with their EIN (Employer Identification Number). This request does not mean you are applying for formal recognition status. The IRS said all churches must have an EIN, resulting from completion of form SS4. The number to call to request your 501(c)(3) letter from the IRS is toll free 877-829-5500 Press 2 then 4 when prompted. This will connect you with the IRS Customer Service that deals only with tax exempt organizations. Please ask for a “no record church letter” when you call. We will accept a “no record church letter” in lieu of a 501(c)(3) letter.  Here is a sample of the letter they will send at the request of a church official: 501(c)(3) No Record Church sample


Form 1828 is the Tax Guide for Churches


The IRS has an excellent website if you have questions. See also